Kitten Becomes Much-Loved Family Pet After Rescue

When Kayleigh noticed a tiny abandoned kitten all by himself on a cold and windy day in Cape Town, she immediately wanted to do something about it.

She left work and went home, and couldn’t stop thinking about the kitten all through the night. The reason she left the kitten initially was in case his mum came back overnight. But when she returned to work the next day and the kitten was still there, she made her mind up right away.

Kayleigh via The Dodo

Kayleigh picked the tiny kitten up and took him to the vet. They found out that he had worms and was in poor health, but they quickly treated him and nursed him back to full health.

However, perhaps as a result of his traumatizing early life, it took a few months for the adorable little kitten to come out of his shell. Kayleigh and her boyfriend decided to call the kitten Mowgli, and he soon became an energetic member of their family.

Kayleigh via The Dodo

Kayleigh was going through a particularly hard time when Mowgli came into her life, following the passing of her brother. She treated Mowgli’s appearance as a sign, and she is so grateful for the love and joy that the little kitten brings to her days.

Both Kayleigh and Matt started taking Mowgli outside on a harness, so he could experience the world around him. In the video, you can see him jumping up a tree and trying his best to let his natural instincts take over! He’s developed into quite the adventurous cat since his tentative beginnings!

Kayleigh via The Dodo

While Mowgli isn’t the friendliest of cats, he does have one special friend that Kayleigh and Matt have called BamBam. He sometimes even brings BamBam over to play in the house, and they enjoy playfighting and wrestling with one another!

And in spite of the fact that Kayleigh and Matt rescued Mowgli, it feels to them as if he rescued them. This is something we often hear when it comes to animal rescues, as the animals in our lives often do more for us than we do for them.

What a wonderful story; thanks for sharing this, Kayleigh!

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