Kind Puppy Drags Her New Blanket Outside To Share With A Cold Stray Dog

Meet Lana, a happy-go-lucky puppy who, although being only 8 months old, understands the value of compassion.

Lana was rescued from the streets of Brazil with her brothers at an early age and subsequently brought into the loving home of Suelen Schaumloeffel.


Lana hasn’t forgotten what it’s like for those pups that don’t have a loving, safe, and comfortable home.

Schaumloeffel bought Lana a big blanket to keep her warm in her doghouse, which was out the front of the house, on a cold winter day.

It wasn’t until the next morning that she recognized what a wonderful thing Lana had done. She gave up her comfort for the sake of a stray pup on the other side of the fence.

Lana had carried her blanket outside on a cold winter night so she could share it with a stray dog.


Schaumloeffel had apparently seen the stray near their house the day before, but he bolted away when she attempted to check him for an ID tag.

Despite the fact that he didn’t appear to flee Lana, “I thought, ‘How amazing what she did for her friend,'” Schaumloeffel told The Dodo.

“My favorite four-legged friend taught me a vital lesson: generosity!”


Despite being unable to approach the stray, they have been leaving him food and water, just as Lana would if she could.


“She is the sweetest little puppy I’ve ever met.” Sometimes we forget how much of a difference we can make in someone’s life. She reminded me of this.”


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