Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to Betty White at the Oscars, with the help of a rescue dog

The Academy Awards were presented last night, recognizing the greatest in the film industry and the people who work tirelessly to make movies happen, as well as paying tribute to artists who have lately passed away.

The Oscars featured its customary “in memoriam” part, which honored the numerous actors, directors, producers, and others who died in the previous year.

And a few artists received particular recognition, like the late great Betty White, who was honored by Jamie Lee Curtis and a cute rescue puppy.

White died on December 31, just weeks before her 100th birthday, at the age of 99. The pioneering comedic actress was best remembered for her adored appearances on television shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, as well as films such as The Proposal.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 20: Actress Betty White attends The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s (GLAZA) 45th Annual Beastly Ball at the Los Angeles Zoo on June 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

She was, nevertheless, a dedicated animal enthusiast, helping numerous animal groups for decades, often anonymously. She frequently stated that she wished to be known primarily for her animal work.

As a result, when the Oscars paid tribute to the late actor, they made certain to do it with animals in mind. White was one of a few celebrities honored during the in memoriam segment, including Oscar winner Sidney Poitier and Ghostbusters filmmaker Ivan Reitman.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the renowned Halloween star, approached the stage to pay tribute to Betty White, accompanied with an adorable rescue puppy named Mac-n-Cheese.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 27: Jamie Lee Curtis speaks onstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

“She was not only a Golden Girl, she was a legend who illuminated every room she stepped into and brought a smile to the faces of all who watched her on the TV,” Curtis adds as The Golden Girls’ theme song, “Thank You For Being a Friend,” plays on stage.

“And she was a woman who cared so much about animals like this day in and day out for over a century, not just her two-legged companions.”

People who want to celebrate Betty White’s legacy might consider adopting a rescue dog, according to the actress.

“The best gift you could offer Betty White is to open your heart and home to a rescue dog like Mac-N-Cheese from Paw Works.” So thank you, Betty, for being a friend to all of us.”

According to a Paw Works article, Mac-n-Cheese is currently available for adoption.

While she is no longer with us, Betty White’s influence lives on and inspires people to be compassionate to animals.

Following her death, admirers and animal lovers were compelled to do something in her honor, and the “Betty White Challenge” was launched, inviting people to donate $5 to their favorite animal sanctuary. Donations to shelters across the country skyrocketed on White’s 100th birthday.

Jamie Lee Curtis also paid tribute to Betty White on the red carpet, in addition to on stage. Many celebrities use their Oscars gown to make a message, and the 63-year-old chose an animal rights activist as her designer to respect White’s legacy.

LOS ANGELES; USA – MARCH 27, 2022: Jamie Lee Curtis arrives on the red carpet outside the Dolby Theater for the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, USA. (Photo credit should read P. Lehman/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

“When I realized I was going to make a statement about Betty White, I went to Stella McCartney, who is an animal rights champion,” Curtis told Access Hollywood, according to Us Magazine.

“They made this dress for me.” I get the impression it’s narrating Betty’s narrative.”

Curtis is a well-known animal lover. According to PETA, she has spoken out against animal dissection and has been more concerned with animal rights as a result of her daughter, who has been a vegan since she was five years old.

In addition, the Freaky Friday actor got her own rescue puppy, Runi, from Perfect Pet Rescue.

“He has transformed our family in the way that only a rescued animal can,” she tweeted in 2017.

What a lovely tribute. Thank you to Jamie Lee Curtis and the Academy for paying respect to Betty White and encouraging others to open their hearts and homes to rescue animals.

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