Injured Pittie Rescued from Underneath a Jeep Finds the Perfect Forever Home

Briana was contacted by concerned Compton residents who spotted a Pit Bull living underneath a jeep that was parked out the front of a mechanic shop.

Local residents did their best to encourage the pittie out from underneath the jeep and provided her with food and water.

Briana via The Dodo

Briana spent a long time sitting next to the jeep, trying to earn the dog’s trust before luring her out from her hiding place. It was clear that the pup was terrified, so Briana did everything she could to set her mind at ease.

After a lot of time and effort, Briana managed to pass a leash over the pittie’s head and helped her out from underneath the vehicle.

Briana via The Dodo

Briana walked the pittie along the sidewalk towards her car, and she realized that she was limping, dehydrated, and malnourished. It was clear that she was in a bad way and she needed to be checked out by a vet.

The vet treated the pittie for all of her external wounds and thanks to the care afforded to her by Briana and John, she was able to make a recovery to full health.

Briana via The Dodo

That’s when Jenna and her partner saw that the pittie was available for adoption and made an application to rehome her. They called her Stella, and were absolutely thrilled to welcome the beautiful dog into their home.

She’s undergone the most remarkable transformation with her new family. She loves nothing more than snuggling on the couch and chasing her humans around the garden. It’s crazy to think that only a short time ago, some heartless people had left her for dead underneath a jeep.

Briana via The Dodo

You can keep up with Stella’s new found love for life by following her on Instagram. And to find out more about the life saving work of iPittythebull Foundation, check out their page on Instagram, too.

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