Injured Labrador Found in the Trash is Given a New Lease of Life by Her Rescuer

In Greece, Takis runs an animal shelter that is his life’s work. He dedicates the vast majority of his time and resources to rescuing animals who are in desperate need of his help.

Takis via The Dodo

When he was called to rescue a dog from a pile of trash one day, he realized that he needed to act fast to get the injured dog some help. It was clear that she was in distress and injured, but in spite of this, her tail was constantly wagging when she realized Takis was there to help her.

Takis via The Dodo

As soon as Takis took her away from the site she seemed to calm down. She thoroughly enjoyed being inside the rescue crate, as she saw this as a safe and comfortable space, particularly after experiencing the trauma of being abandoned in the trash.

After feeding her and getting her the necessary treatment, Takis decided to name the beautiful Labrador Luna. And although it was a slow process at first, he was able to nurse her back to full health in a matter of weeks.

Takis via The Dodo

And the story just continues to get better for Luna.

After Takis’ incredible efforts, Luna was adopted and found her forever home. She was taken to Germany by her new humans, and Takis was so delighted that she finally has a chance to live a life filled with love and affection that every dog deserves.

Takis via The Dodo

Takis deserves a special mention here, too. He’s very much a one-man band, and he rescues all of the animals in his care out of the sheer goodness of his heart.

If you have the means to support Takis in his incredible ventures, please give generously to his animal shelter in Greece, by visiting his PayPal page here.

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