Husky howls with delight as it is reunited with its owner in Ukraine’s Bucha

Dogs in Bucha squeal when they see their owners again. Ukrainian soldiers found the dog half-dead in an abandoned car and took it to a vet.

As soon as it sees its master again, the husky starts to cry. Ukrainian soldiers found it half-dead in an abandoned car in Bucha.

Nessy was discovered when Ukrainian forces reclaimed control of Kyiv after Russia’s month-long occupation, which left the area devastated and many dead.

The husky had been separated from its owner while Russian forces invaded the town a few weeks ago, but a video released today shows the moment the dog was reunited with its owner.

Nessy is seen rushing through what looks to be a parking lot before spotting its owner.

The animal then begins to sprint, tail wagging, until it reaches them and howls with excitement at being reunited.

Nessy is seen running, tail wagging, before reaching its owner and howling with sheer joy at being reunited
Nessy was discovered when Ukrainian forces took back control of the town in Kyiv following Russia’s month-long occupation which left the area destroyed and many people dead

After tracking down Nessy’s owner, the Kastus Kalinouskiv Battalion, a group of Belarussian soldiers volunteering in Ukraine, organized the reunion.

‘A little optimism in these trying times,’ the group wrote in a Facebook post.

‘We discovered Nessy, the dog, alone during Bucha’s release.” But, thanks to our pals, we were able to find her hosts, and she is now back with them.

Take a look at this emotional scene.

‘As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of all creatures, not just humans.’

The video comes as additional heinous stories from the Ukrainian hamlet of Bucha are uncovered by traumatized civilians.

A month after the town in Kyiv oblast was taken over by Putin’s troops, the people who lived there have started to talk about how they were treated by them.

They say they found a torture room in a children’s hospital that was also being used as a makeshift barracks.

According to a spokeswoman, the remains of five males were discovered shot to death in the basement, with their wrists tied behind their backs. Some had been tortured, according to the spokesman.

Nessy’s owner can be seen spreading his arms as he prepares to embrace his dog after being separated during Russia’s occupation of Bucha
A video showed Nessy running quickly when catching a glimpse of the owner across a car park

On a visit to the region on Monday, a shaken President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian soldiers of committing “genocide,” saying that “we know of thousands of people slaughtered and tortured, with cut limbs, raped women, and murdered children… ‘Dead persons have been discovered in barrels and cellars, strangled and tortured.’

The Kremlin says that the photos of Bucha that have been released are fakes made by Ukrainian forces, or that the deaths happened after Russian troops left.

Bucha was attacked by Russian forces in the early days of the conflict as they tried to get into Kyiv. The streets were littered with the burned bodies of dozens of tanks and armored vehicles, as well as the charred remains of their crews.

Until last week, Putin’s troops had been in charge of the city, but they started to leave after failing to attack Ukraine’s capital.

Kyiv’s men marched in over the weekend to recapture the territory. During this time, the stories began to emerge.

h/t: Daily Mail


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