Husky and Bengal Cat Become the Unlikeliest of Buddies

For Katmai the husky, everything in life was about him. His humans absolutely doted on him, and showered him with love and affection. He enjoyed long walks in the countryside and everything a dog could possibly dream of.

Zari and Lorea via The Dodo

For his humans Zari and Lorea, it was their way of showing Katmai just how much he was appreciated and how important he was to their family.

As the only animal in their home initially, it was easy for Zari and Lorea to give the husky their full attention. But things started to change when Yoyo the cat entered their lives.

Zari and Lorea via The Dodo

Although Katmai was initially delighted that he had a new playmate, he started to realize that life would no longer be all about him! As you would expect, his humans now had to show Yoyo as much love and affection as they showed Katmai, something which took him a little while to adjust to.

Zari and Lorea via The Dodo

But a week into their relationship, Katmai and Yoyo were the very best of friends. They started doing everything together, be it sleeping, walking, or playing, and it was clear to Zari and Lorea that they’d made the right decision when welcoming Yoyo into their home.

One of the duo’s absolute favorite things in the world is to sunbathe on the porch together, a pastime they enjoy whenever the weather permits.

Zari and Lorea via The Dodo

And in spite of their differences in size and looks, this unlikely duo continues to be the very best of friends. In fact, Zari and Lorea are convinced that by introducing Yoyo to their family, they’ve helped Katmai come out of his shell, and he’s become even more confident as a result.

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