Human Provides Bear Family with Hammock, So They Can Chill Out When They Visit Her Yard

You would think most people would be terrified if a family of black bears regularly visited their back yard. But Amy was thrilled when she noticed that the bears loved exploring her garden.

Fairview Critter Cams via The Dodo

Instead of chasing them away, Amy decided to add some items to her garden that the bears could play on. Every day, Amy would leave some surprises out for them, to see how they would respond.

Fairview Critter Cams via The Dodo

The bears loved playing in the bath water left out for them, as well as the associated toys [including a giant rubber duck!].

After seeing them play with balls and other items, Amy had a bit of a crazy idea: she would buy a hammock and see how they would use it.

Fairview Critter Cams via The Dodo

But this idea didn’t come from anywhere. A few years ago, a bear had jumped on a hammock in her yard and broke it. Instead of being annoyed, Amy remembered just how intrigued they were and how much they loved it.

So she decided to buy them a brand new one. As you can see from the incredible footage, the bears absolutely love playing on the hammock. They swing on it just as humans would, and seem to revel at the fact that they often fall to the ground and have to pick themselves up again.

Fairview Critter Cams via The Dodo

Sitting and watching these bears just goes to show how they are often so misunderstood. They just want to have fun and enjoy life! Amy’s kindness and decision to leave surprises for these black bears shows us that every animal deserves human love and affection.

Instead of scaring them away from her property, she embraced their visits and showed them love. Great job, Amy! And thanks for sharing this awesome video.

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