Human and Husky Visit All Fifty States on a Motorcycle

It would be fair to say that Michael is someone who is very much living the dream. He always wanted to move to Hawaii, and in spite of not having a house, job, or car, he did have his best friend – a husky named Sox to accompany him on his journey.

Michael via The Dodo

And when they got to Hawaii, Michael purchased a motorcycle, and started taking Sox on short journeys with him. After months of practice, Michael realized that his buddy loved nothing more than riding on the back of his bike, and it gave him an idea.

Michael via The Dodo

Equipped with little more than a backpack, Michael and Sox set off on a road trip on the motorcycle to all fifty US states. Michael and Sox explored the southern and western states first, and adored their time in Nevada, where Sox would often run alongside the motorcycle and get all the exercise that he needed.

Michael via The Dodo

Their epic road trip has taken in national parks all around the country and has given them both a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the freedom that a life on the road affords, while spending time in each other’s company.

Michael via The Dodo

As they’ve continued to travel and see everything that the country has to offer, Michael and Sox have broadened their horizons and enjoyed many interstate visits to national forests and parks, and reveled in the beauty of nature.

Michael via The Dodo

As you can see from this incredible footage, their journey across the United States is like something out of a movie, and is testament to Michael never giving up on his dreams, and taking his dog along for the ride.

To keep up with the latest developments in their incredible cross-country adventure, you can follow Michael and Sox on Instagram.

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