Human and Cat Communicate Effortlessly with Each Other

Mason and Cooter’s relationship is deep. Like any human and their cat, Mason spends lots of time with his buddy every day, making sure he’s happy.

But they have a connection that other pet owners would absolutely love to have with their own pets. Want to know what it is?

They can actually talk to one another.

Mason via The Dodo

In this crazy but amazing video, you will see Mason and Cooter have a strange yet coherent conversation, where they genuinely seem to be responding to what one another is saying. In fact, when Mason asks Cooter a question, the cat will change the tone of his response depending on the answer his human is looking for.

Mason via The Dodo

Mason has noticed that Cooter gives different meows, depending on what he wants. His meows also correlate to his body language, making it easy for Mason to give his cat exactly what he’s looking for.

These days, Mason is a nurse and works super long shifts. Whenever he gets home, his buddy Cooter is there waiting for him, and immediately wants to get the conversation going.

Mason via The Dodo

Mason took Cooter in when he was fourteen, and he knows that his connection with his cat has helped him through some dark times in his life. When things were tough for him, he always had his little buddy, who was there for him through thick and thin.

Their special bond just goes to show the incredible depth of relationship that can develop between humans and animals. Talking about their relationship, Mason says:

“I’ve always had somebody to count on so he basically gave me a purpose. He’s my best friend.”

Mason via The Dodo

In the video, you can see some awesome examples of Mason and Cooter communicating. There’s little doubting the incredible love that exists between this human and his incredibly affectionate cat.

Thanks for sharing this, Mason!

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