Hospital Hired A Dog Employee To Say ‘Hi’ To The Staff And Patients

Dogs have a good impact on humans, which is why many hospitals are ‘hiring’ them to ease the stress of both staff and patients.

Can you imagine how adorable this would be?

Actually, this is a fantastic concept!

An cute puppy has been employed as a “Justice Volunteer” at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.

Doggie is always on hand to welcome and greet employees, patients, and family members.

Shari Dunaway, the hospital’s MD, posted a nice image of a puppy.

Also, several people have commented on ‘hiring’ this dog to say “Hi” to everyone.

“It’s incredibly beneficial to both patients’ and staff’s mental health.” “It’s surprising that more hospitals don’t have them,” one person said. “Whatever he’s being paid is insufficient. Another user commented, “That is some very valuable work!” “12/10 would promote quickly,” another said.

It’s stunning!


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