Heroic dog helps save lives in Ukraine by detecting explosives

Ukrainians continue to remain in our thoughts and prayers as they endure a Russian military attack.

We have been affected and motivated by the Ukrainian people’s stories of resilience. Many of these stories feature animals, with humans putting their lives in danger to protect local pets and animals, and animals repaying the favor by assisting Ukrainian soldiers.

Such as a brave small dog who has been helping to clear bombs in his own way.

State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) uploaded a video of a “mascot” dog trained to smell out Russian explosive devices in Chernihiv that has gone viral.

Footage from the film shows Patron hard at work, wearing safety gear, and relying on his sense of smell to locate dangerous weaponry.


Since the battle began last month, the dog, according to the Facebook post, has helped the SES team defuse 90 bombs.

Because of their keen sense of smell, dogs may be trained to sniff out explosives. Deactivating them and disarming them will save many lives.


According to NPR, approximately 900 civilians have been murdered in Ukraine since the beginning of the fighting, with officials claiming that the majority of the casualties have been caused by “explosive weaponry with a wide impact area.”

In a SES post, Ukrainian officials express their gratitude for the dog’s efforts: “Thank you, friend, for your persistent job!”


There have been over 175,000 views on Facebook in just two days for this video of a brave dog, and many local Ukrainians have praised him and wished him safety as the conflict continues.

“Please keep him safe! Glory to Ukraine!” According to a comment,

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, lads and small four-legged helpers! Another person wrote about it.

The lives of Ukrainians can be saved because of a brave small dog like this. We’ll be thinking about you and praying for your safety as you carry on this important work.

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