Hero Momma Dog Ran Through Fire Multiple Times To Rescue Her Puppies

This is the moment Amanda, a mother dog, saves her ten-day-old puppies from a blazing house fire by bringing them to safety.

A fire broke out at a Chilean home after a car bomb was detonated, trapping Amanda’s children inside.

The German Shepherd mix put her life in danger several times by dashing in and out of the house to get her pups to safety.

Amanda rushed back and forth between the house and the fire engine, holding her puppies in her mouth until they were all safe.

Amanda continued to defend the pups with her body as the firefighters battled the blaze after her task was completed and all of the pups were rescued.

Unfortunately, one of Amanda’s puppies died as a result of burns. Aside from that, the other four puppies were healthy and had been examined by the vet.

Felipe Lara, the veterinarian who examined the puppies, stated that Amanda attempted to defend her children as they were carried away to be examined.

She ultimately let the vet examine the pups, but she still wanted to be with her extremely weak pup, who sadly died.

The photographs and tale were shared on Reddit, and they quickly went viral for good cause!


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