Heartwarming Video Shows What Love Does To A Sad Shelter Cat

To see Otie now, content and purring, you would never suspect that he was previously a lonely cat searching for a loving home. However, that is just how his mother, Alyssa Keeling, discovered him when visiting her local animal shelter.

“He was unmistakably depressed,” Keeling stated to The Dodo. However, he also possessed a personality that was not meant to be confined.

Otie was miserable. Then, everything changed drastically.


Keeling opted to adopt Otie, despite the fact that his gloomy demeanor at the shelter may have deterred potential adopters who believed he was an aggressive animal. She quickly learned Otie’s true nature.

“When he eventually moved into his new home, it was like a switch was thrown. “Otie came to life,” remarked Keeling.

She created this cute movie to demonstrate Otie’s transformation, which is a heartwarming example of what love can accomplish for a lonely shelter cat:

Otie has blossomed.

And it’s all because Keeling was able to look beyond his misery at the shelter.


Although Otie has much for which to be grateful, Keeling feels the most fortunate.

“I’m just so thankful that he’s here with me, that I get to be the one to adore him, and that he’s living his finest, silliest, and quirkiest life,” she said.

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