Heartbroken elephant walks 15 miles to say final goodbye to his keeper

This is the emotionally charged moment when a sad elephant pays his ultimate respects to the man who cared for him for decades. It took over two hours for the elephant to walk 15 miles in order to pay his ultimate respects to his beloved human!

Damodaran Nair, popularly known as Omanchetan in his village, cared for defenseless elephants for nearly six decades. He adored all of these unique creatures, but with one in particular, the kind man formed an unfathomable affinity. It was like a father-son bond between him and the elephant named Pallata Brahmadathan.

Damodaran, 74, died a few days earlier. One of his dying wishes was to see his old pal one last time. Unfortunately, his request was not granted, but the devoted elephant did come to bid his human best buddy farewell.

In emotional footage, the elephant appears at Damodaran’s residence for a heartfelt farewell! Everyone in the room, including Brahmadathan’s handler, burst into tears at this point. “When Brahmadathan lumbered to the funeral I couldn’t bear it,” the man told MailOnline. “They adored one another like nothing else!”

You may see the emotional video here:


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