Have You Ever Wondered What it Would Be Like to Raise a Wombat?

Wardoo is a wombat who has been raised by loving humans, Bronte and Linda. In the early days of his life, he required round the clock care, and Linda literally raised him on her chest so he could feel her heart beating.

Bronte and Linda via The Dodo

Wombats need to be kept really warm, and it was taxing for Linda to have to bottle feed Wardoo every four hours. It’s fair to say that raising a little Wombat wasn’t for the faint hearted, as Linda and Bronte had to dedicate a huge amount of time to this wonderful little guy.

Bronte and Linda via The Dodo

As a baby, Wardoo was simply adorable. He had nothing but love and affection to show his humans, and he was an extremely happy and peaceful toddler. But things started to change as Wardoo grew up.

Bronte and Linda via The Dodo

He’s taken to biting Linda and Bronte’s ears, and enjoys charging into the dog’s bed and causing all sorts of trouble! He’s particularly fond of the laundry and will jump into the clothes dryer if the door is left open. In spite of his naughty tendencies, Linda loves having him around.

Bronte and Linda via The Dodo

Wardoo entertains his family every day, and they couldn’t imagine what life would look like without him. As he’s grown, Wardoo has developed a strong bond with Bronte, and he loves being outside with his Dad and jumping in and out of his arms.

Bronte and Linda via The Dodo

Although Wardoo will never be released back into the wild (due to government policy), Linda and Bronte will continue to do everything they can to show him love and affection, while giving him the best opportunity to develop his natural instincts at the sanctuary.

You can keep up with Wardoo and the other animals that Linda and Bronte take care of by following the Two Songs Sanctuary on Instagram.

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