Hairless Puppy Undergoes Remarkable Transformation into Ball of Fluff!

When Deta spotted a tiny puppy lying by the side of the road in Indonesia, she did everything she could to try and rescue the pup. But with nothing other than a rain poncho in her possession, she initiated a rather unusual rescue, and scooped the pup up in the jacket.

Bali Animal Welfare Association via The Dodo

Deta then placed the puppy in a cardboard box in the boot of her car and called a nearby animal rescue shelter to find out what to do. In the meantime, Deta named the dog ‘Beauty’ and took her to a local vet clinic, where she was diagnosed with scabies.

Although not deadly, scabies can be painful and takes a while to heal, so Deta got her the treatment she needed and set about taking care of her care.

Bali Animal Welfare Association via The Dodo

In spite of her rescue from the streets, Beauty was still visibly shaken from her experience, and it took her a while to settle into her new surroundings. In the early days, Deta was heartbroken as Beauty showed no signs of calming down. She was stressed, sad, and couldn’t bring herself to trust any humans.

Deta decided to foster Beauty and took her home while she began responding to her treatment. And while her health began to improve, the puppy was still visibly scared and shaken by the whole experience of being rescued.

Bali Animal Welfare Association via The Dodo

After a few days, Beauty started to settle in. She began interacting and playing with some of Deta’s other dogs, which was a joy for the foster mum to see. Initially she wasn’t sure if she would see any progress with Beauty, so she was delighted that the pup started to come out of her shell.

It took around three months for Beauty’s skin to heal and for her to achieve what could be considered ‘full health.’ And this was all thanks to Deta’s love and care as a foster mum, as well as the influence of her other dogs, who undoubtedly helped Beauty come out of her shell.

Bali Animal Welfare Association via The Dodo

Deta posted online to try and find Beauty a forever home and she received many messages. She ultimately settled on Antel, who was the perfect person to give her the love and care she needed to live her best life.

As you can see from the video, Beauty is now a happy and fluffy dog, and she has undergone the most incredible transformation!

To find out more about animal rescue in Bali, Indonesia, you can visit the Instagram page of Bawa Bali.

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