Guy Travelling with His Rescue Dog Raises Money for Local Animal Centres in the Americas

Guy Travelling with His Rescue Dog Raises Money for Local Animal Centres in the Americas

When Henry was in Mexico, he came across a mother dog that was in extremely bad shape. She was chained to a tree and totally emaciated. But what made the situation even more perilous, is that she had just given birth to a litter of puppies.

Fortunately, Henry was able to save the mama dog and all of her puppies, and helped to nurse them back to full health.

It was this rescue, as well as others that had gone before it, that helped Henry realize that rescuing dogs added something to his otherwise chilled out existence.

Henry via The Dodo

Henry has been traveling around, exploring the world, but one day he realized he needed to add purpose to his life.

The first dog that Henry rescued is called Finn, who he found discarded in a bush in Puerto Rico. Finn has helped to shape his mission, and he now looks for any opportunity he can find to save animals that need his help.

Henry via The Dodo

As he continues to travel in his van, he wants to raise awareness of the incredible work that animal rescue charities perform throughout America. Wherever he and Finn travel to, he reaches out to local rescue centers and looks for ways in which they can collaborate.

During a recent trip to Mexico, Henry worked with a rescuer named Barb, and they visited a dumping ground where it’s common for people to abandon dogs. They quickly found a litter of puppies living amongst tires, and they scooped them all up and took them to a better home.

Henry via The Dodo

But it’s not just about donating his time.

Henry is an incredibly talented fundraiser, and has dedicated his Patreon site to raising money directly for the local rescue centers that he encounters. In 2020 alone, he raised more than $150,000 to donate to local rescuers and their centers; a truly incredible amount of money when you put it into perspective.

To find out more about Henry’s efforts within the animal rescue community, you can follow him on Instagram.

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