Guy Sees Someone Peeking Out From Manhole Cover And Knows He Has To Help

On his way to work the other day, Leroy Alva, a Chilean, noticed something strange on the streets of Santiago. Alva noticed what appeared to be a small face peering out of a manhole cover’s hole.

Alva had the option of continuing on his journey, but he chose to pause instead.


Alva realized the truth when he went in for a closer inspection. Water had filled the manhole, and an animal was stuck beneath it.

It dawned on Alva at that moment that the rat was drowning and that something had to be done to save her. “To open the lid, I enlisted the aid of a few men who were around.”

So, a little life was saved because of it.

Even while rats, especially those who live in sewers, aren’t usually thought of as particularly endearing or beloved, Alva is convinced that they, too, are deserving of protection.

According to Alva, “those who like animals will understand. “I have a soft spot in my heart for animals.”

Watch the rescue video below.

h/t: The DoDo


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