Guy Realises That His Soul Mate Might Just Be a Stray Black Kitten

When Justin nipped out the back of his shop to go to the dumpster, he wasn’t expecting to have a particularly memorable experience. However, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a tiny black kitten underneath a parked bus.

The little kitten began meowing and Justin approached him, eager to see if he was alright. The cat was in good shape but he was alone, so Justin sat down and tried to get his attention.

Justin via The Dodo

He didn’t have to try too hard, as the kitty jumped up in his lap pretty much straight away. And that was the start of an incredible bond between the two!

As Justin works in a woodwork shop, he’s constantly on the move around his workspace and there’s a lot of noise. But his new buddy isn’t remotely phased. In fact, he rarely leaves Justin’s side when he’s in the workshop, and even gets involved with some of his projects.

Justin via The Dodo

In the video, you can see how much Justin’s kitten loves riding on skateboards! He just sits on the board and is happy to glide around the shop at his own pace! When he’s done, he jumps onto Justin’s shoulder and gives him a whole bunch of kisses. Too cute!

Grizzly the cat is now a permanent feature in Justin’s workshop, and he’s on hand to help Justin relax if he’s stressed out, and to greet customers or visitors when they come to the workshop. But the incredible bond between the two isn’t lost on Justin:

“I’ve never had such a good friend in a cat and I’m very grateful to have Grizzly cross my path for that reason for sure.”

Justin via The Dodo

I’m sure many of us animal lovers can resonate with Justin’s deep-rooted feelings for his buddy Grizzly, and the fact that they’re always there for each other is what makes their relationship so special!

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