Guy Quits His Well-Paid Corporate Job for a Life on the Road with Shelter Dogs

Lee is a shining example of someone who has fulfilled his life’s dream.

After realizing there was a lot more to life than his well-paid job in the corporate world, he decided to pursue his passion for rescuing dogs. He now lives out of his camper van in whichever state he drives to, and shares his days with the dogs that he has rescued from the shelter.

Lee via The Dodo

Part of Lee’s mission is to educate people about the reality of adopting shelter dogs. He’s committed to showing people that there’s more to a shelter dog than initially meets the eye, and that you need to be patient and considerate when you attempt to rescue a dog.

Lee via The Dodo

Traveling through 48 states, Lee has gained a large following on social media and posts regular video updates to his followers, informing them about his latest rescue and how they can get involved in his journey.

After uploading videos of himself with shelter dogs, he regularly finds them a home with his followers. This is the most gratifying part of Lee’s journey, and he loves nothing more than helping dogs find their forever homes with loving families.

Lee via The Dodo

Now that Lee has spent several years traveling around the US, he feels ready to do even more for the animals that need his help the most. He is busy building an animal sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, and you can find out all about it by visiting their website.

Lee via The Dodo

As a registered not for profit, Lee is on a mission to empty the shelters one dog at a time, and to bring loving humans the perfect opportunity to give shelter dogs another chance in life.

For regular updates from Lee and his pack of loving rescue dogs, you can follow him on Instagram.

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