Guy Is Shocked To Discover His Dog Got A Speeding Ticket

A motorist in Germany recently received a speeding penalty in the mail after his vehicle was photographed by a traffic camera exceeding the posted limit.

In light of the photographic evidence, proof of the offense and the person guilty was nearly indisputable.

However, the image obtained by the camera revealed someone else behind the wheel.

A little white dog appears to be driving the automobile, yet he is not known to be a car thief. The dog and car belonged to a Twitter user’s uncle, who was as surprised as anyone to learn that his pet had been arrested for speeding.

“My initial thought was, ‘That can’t be real,'” the nephew explained to The Dodo. “I guess my uncle was as astonished as I was.”

Had the dog taken the automobile for a joyride without the owner’s knowledge? No, not quite.

The uncle, it turns out, was the one driving the automobile that day, with his dog at his side. But, just as they passed the traffic camera, the dog leapt up on his lap.

“Normally, for safety, the dog wears a specific car belt,” the nephew explained. “That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, so the dog came up to snuggle him [while he was driving].” The strange thing is, he was only in his lap for three seconds.”

That was long enough for the puppy to become the leading suspect.

Despite the fact that the uncle could have successfully fought the ticket, citing a lack of evidence that he was the perpetrator, he chose to pay the fine himself.

“He paid for it,” the nephew explained. “However, I’m not going to tell you what the authorities thought.”


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