Grumpy Rescue Cat Undergoes Remarkable Transformation When He Meets a Kitten

Grumpy Rescue Cat Undergoes Remarkable Transformation When He Meets a Kitten

When Grace first saw Joey in the shelter, she was told by the employees that he was ‘feral and aggressive’ and would never be able to live in a home full time.

Undeterred, Grace decided that she wanted to give Joey a second chance in life, because he’d obviously suffered neglect and mistreatment from his previous owners.

Grace via The Dodo

Thanks to Grace’s love and patience, Joey underwent an incredible transformation in her care. He learned to trust humans again and realized that not all people are bad.

In spite of what the shelter staff told Grace at first, she was delighted that she went with her gut instinct and took Joey home. And the cat he has developed into today is vindication for her decision.

Grace via The Dodo

Grace is someone who is constantly rescuing kittens and cats and taking them into her home. She’s the perfect foster mum and is happy to give cats another chance in life after they’ve been rescued.

For Joey, this means that he meets lots of other kittens, and it can be a little difficult for him, as he likes his personal space. Grace wasn’t sure if she could keep Joey at first, because he didn’t get along with her other cats.

Grace via The Dodo

But remarkably, when Grace started bringing more kittens home, Joey started to relax in their company.

One kitten in particular decided to crawl into Joey’s bed. Grace was nervous about what would happen, and Joey hissed at first. But then something incredible happened.

Joey began licking the little kitten and treating her as if she was his own.

Grace via The Dodo

But his affection didn’t stop there. He now can’t go anywhere without the adorable kitten, and he plays with her at every opportunity.

It’s truly remarkable to see the transformation that Joey has undergone since coming home with Grace, and the world certainly needs more humans like her!

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