Great Dane with Separation Anxiety is Re-Assured by His Foster Sister

When Jordann rescued Tofu from her local animal shelter, she was told that he had pretty bad separation anxiety. From day one, he was immediately by her side, and never wanted to be away from her.

Tofu is a gorgeous, white Great Dane, but when Jordann took him in, he was incredibly skinny and generally unhealthy. As well as being underweight, Tofu was surrendered to the shelter when he was partially blind and deaf, which made his integration into his new home slightly challenging.

Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue via The Dodo

In the first few days in his new home, Tofu was super shy and nervous, and didn’t really interact with anyone in his new surroundings. He just lay there peacefully most of the time, without really showing that he was happy in his new home.

Eventually, Tofu became best of friends with Jordann’s other Great Dane, Zoot. She has security cameras set up in her home, so when she goes out she can check in on her dogs and see how they’re doing.

She wasn’t surprised to see that Tofu would spend a lot of time crying and barking, hoping that Jordann would come back soon. Zoot sat patiently next to Tofu, waiting for him to relax.

Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue via The Dodo

And when he would eventually stop barking, the cutest thing happened.

Zoot would go over to Tofu and lie down beside him. She would rest her head on his back and reassure him that he wasn’t alone, and that he hadn’t been abandoned. The two dogs would then lie like that for hours until Jordann came home.

Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue via The Dodo

After nursing Tofu back to health, she considered fostering him herself, but realized that she just didn’t have the space for another big Great Dane. So Jordann did everything she could to find Tofu his forever home, which is exactly what happened.

Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue via The Dodo

He was rehomed by a very loving family and was actually renamed Yeti. He’s doing super well in his new environment and is adored by his new family. Thanks to the love and affection of his foster sister, Tofu now has a wonderful life of his own with his forever family.

A special thanks to Jordann for rescuing this amazing dog and giving him another chance in life!

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