Great Dane is So Big That She Struggles to Make Friends. But Everything Changes When Her New Neighbours Move in

Great Dane is So Big That She Struggles to Make Friends. But Everything Changes When Her New Neighbors Move in

Iris the Great Dane outweighs her human by around twenty pounds! She’s a gentle giant of a dog, but her size can intimidate other dogs.

This means that her play options tend to be limited when they head out to the local park to interact with other dogs.

Staci via The Dodo

And although Iris was best of friends with Staci’s neighbor’s dog, the gentle giant was devastated when the neighbors moved away and left Iris without her play mate.

Staci couldn’t help feeling sad when she took Iris out to the park and every dog seemed to ignore her. It was nothing to do with Iris’ personality, rather that she is just so much bigger than almost every dog she tries to interact with.

Staci via The Dodo

But when new neighbors arrived, they brought their dog Odie with them. And this was super exciting for Iris, who saw it as an opportunity to introduce herself.

And amazingly for Iris, Odie fell in love with her at first sight! He immediately jumped on her back and showered her with love, and it was clear that Iris had finally found the friend that she was looking for.

Staci via The Dodo

While Odie and Iris love playing together in the fields at the back of their respective homes, Odie also makes the effort to sneak out of his house to check on his big friend! When Staci checked her security footage, she noticed Odie approaching the porch, and it was clear that he was there to see if Iris was ready to play.

Staci via The Dodo

Now Iris is just thrilled with her new companion, and she’s constantly showing Staci how pleased she is with their new neighbors.

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