Gorilla can’t stop kissing her newborn baby. She covers the baby monkey with warm kisses

A gorilla is a big ape that stands as tall as a man but is considerably larger and stronger. If they respond in the same way, these animals are differentiated by their intellect, tranquility, and friendliness to people. Gorillas are found in Africa.

Gorillas live in groups and spend over half of their time searching for food. They move a lot and can walk on two legs, although they prefer to go through trees or rest on their hands.

A group of gorillas usually consists of one male, several females and cubs. The male is the leader and decides where the flock goes, where it stops. Even if there are grown males in the flock, only the leader has the right to mate with females.

Females bring offspring every 4 years, usually one baby. Mothers carry babies on their backs until they can walk and climb trees on their own. And even after that, the cub stays with the mother until the age of 5.

Gorillas become completely independent and mature by the age of 10. The author of the video below shows the gorilla’s reverent feelings for her baby.

“The first-time mommy gorilla can’t stop covering her newborn with kisses. Kalaya is a 15-year-old western lowland gorilla. She has just given birth to a son and is showing him affection.

Moki, which means “little” in the Lingala language, was given to the newborn. The trainer taught Kalaya fundamental maternal skills like kissing and grooming just before the delivery to increase the likelihood that she would care for Moki.

What the zookeepers saw looked like the endless love of the gorilla for her cub.


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