Frozen Kittens Found in a Parking Lot Undergo an Incredible Transformation

In an AM/PM parking lot, three tiny, one-day-old kittens were found by a woman walking her dog. It was clear that the kittens had been abandoned, and if it wasn’t for her beady eyes, they would probably have never been found.

When cat-foster-mum Nikki found out about the kittens, she knew she had to do something about it. She headed straight to the parking lot and brought the kittens into her car. They were so delicate and frozen, that she had to use the air vents on her car to warm them up.

Nikki via The Dodo

The following day, the kittens were still cold, but they had survived the night. They were so tiny that they could fit in the palm of Nikki’s hand. She was worried that they weren’t going to make it, but determined to give them the best possible chance in life.

After bringing the kittens home, Nikki was particularly worried about one of them, as she was losing weight and wasn’t able to feed by herself. So she started tube feeding the kitten, and eventually she started to put on sufficient weight until she was able to bottle feed.

Nikki via The Dodo

Nikki began celebrating every little milestone in the kitten’s lives, including when they opened their eyes, when they started grooming each other, and even when they started reaching certain weights and sizes! This foster mum’s love for these precious little kittens truly knew no bounds.

And thanks to this video, we get a real insight into what it’s actually like to foster kittens. While many of us couldn’t do it, as it seems so difficult to say goodbye, Nikki explains that it’s for the best, and the tears that she cries are ‘bittersweet.’

Nikki via The Dodo

Although she was desperately sad to see these kittens leave her home, she knows that they are going to be super happy in their forever homes. And it frees up her space to rescue other kittens that truly need her love and support.

People like Nikki are superheroes! Keep up the great work. You can keep up with Nikki’s adventures on Instagram.

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