Foster Mother Chimpanzee Bottle-Feeds Milk To A Lion Cub, Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

A video of a foster mother chimp bottle-feeding milk to a lion cub has touched netizens’ hearts. View this viral video:

Foster Mother Chimpanzee Bottle-Feeds Milk To A Lion Cub

A mother’s love is unconditional. It is unselfish, whether it is the love of a human mother or an animal mama. A viral social media video shows a mother chimp bottle-feeding milk to a lion cub. Thousands of netizens have been moved by the video.

Susanta Nanda, an official with the Indian Forest Services (IFS), tweeted the video. A chimp can be seen in the video carrying a bottle of milk while a lion cub feeds from it. The chimp gives the cub a peck on the head just before the video finishes.

“The kiss of the foster mother at the end,” Nanda captioned the video.

Watch the video here:

The touching video has gone popular on the microblogging site. It has received over 1.2 lakh views and over 8,900 likes.

“A mother’s love sees no borders, bounds, color, or species; it only wants to nurture, soothe, and support recognizing its own child in all children,” one user stated. “That’s heartwarming… real selfless love,” remarked another.

Someone said on Twitter, “That is really lovely!!! I want to watch it again and again.” “Mother is global,” said another user.

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She first demonstrated how the baby should climb it, but when she realized the barrier was too high for the baby to climb on his own, she used her trunk to pull the baby up.


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