Formerly Wild Horse Loves the Human Who Adopted Him

Amado was once a wild horse who was rounded up by the US government. And in spite the fact that he no longer runs free, he’s hit the jackpot with his human mum, who he loves spending time with.

Wild horses are rounded up by the government by helicopter, where they’re chased for miles upon miles until they reach holding pens, where they’re no longer allowed to run free.

Summer via The Dodo

The primary reason for the rounding up of wild horses is that the government wants to take the land that they graze and roam upon for cattle farming. As a result of this policy, there are more wild horses in holding pens in America, than there are in the wild.

Wild horses are then left to languish in these pens unless they are adopted by humans, which doesn’t always happen. But Summer has adopted and rescued more than eighty horses, and Amado was the first wild horse that she welcomed onto her expansive farm.

Summer via The Dodo

And although Amado was super wild at first, he quickly learned to trust Summer and showed her affection almost from day one, which is actually quite rare for a wild horse that has recently been adopted from a pen.

Every wild horse in the world has a unique marking, so Summer decided to get Amado’s marking tattooed on her body, such as the strength of their bond.

Summer via The Dodo

Although Summer adores Amado and loves having him around, his presence is a constant reminder of the awful policy of the American government, that is forcing wild horses out of the wild and into pens across the country.

Summer via The Dodo

But thankfully for Amado, he has been given a second chance in life and enjoys the love and affection of his human companion.

To find out more about Summer’s work at Little Brook Farm, you can follow them on Facebook.

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