Former Lab Beagle Finds Her Forever Home After Six Years in a Lab

Former Lab Beagle Finds Her Forever Home After Six Years in a Lab

Testing products on animals should be banned. There’s no other way to deal with this abhorrent practice. Despite being freedom loving pack dogs, beagles are often subjected to the worst type of torment.

They’re trapped in labs for years, kept alive simply so scientists can inject them with various products to see what effect they will have.

The Beagle Freedom Project via The Dodo

Echo, this beautiful beagle that was fortunately rescued, spent six years in a lab. So horrific were the tests that Echo was subjected to, that she was blind when she was rescued.

She had never been walked and was absolutely terrified of everything. Before her rescue, she had probably never even been outdoors. After one of her first check ups, the vet removed one of Echo’s eyes, as she was in so much pain from the testing.

The Beagle Freedom Project via The Dodo

But here’s where the story gets better.

Thanks to the love and kindness of her foster mum, Echo realized that there was more to life than the lab. She was given the chance to spend time in a loving home, and was treated as every dog should be.

In the video, you can watch the incredibly touching moment when she first wags her tail, and she’s clearly just so thrilled to have another chance in life.

The Beagle Freedom Project via The Dodo

When her foster mum posted pictures of Echo on social media, she found a family almost right away. It was the beginning of the rest of her life.

She was adopted by Jay and Jenna, who were just thrilled to welcome the beautiful beagle into their family. Echo now lives alongside her two canine sisters, as well as the family’s cat.

Although not necessarily the pack that she might have been destined for, it’s wonderful that this beagle finally has the chance to live and love as part of a pack.

The Beagle Freedom Project via The Dodo

Echo was given another chance in life thanks to the efforts of The Beagle Freedom Project. To contribute to their life-saving work, visit their website.

To do something about the abhorrent practice of animal testing, boycott products that are unethically sourced and treated. Lobby companies that you know participate in such vile practice, and do everything you can to change the way our society treats these beautiful animals.

Dogs deserve a life, too. They’re not the property of humans to experiment on.

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