Family Looks Out Window And Notices Their Dog Is Not Alone

This is Bailey, a sweet-natured senior dog who understands that showing love to others is its own reward.

And it’s obvious.


Bailey was only a few years old when she was rescued in 2007 by her owners, Arthur and his family. Prior to that, she’d most certainly been used as a breeding dog, giving birth to litter after litter of babies that she was forced to give up.

Bailey recently demonstrated that, even at the age of 17, she is still a mother at heart. And now her loyalty may be seen.

It all started a few months ago, when she and her family relocated to a rural property.

Bailey’s family were suspicious of a feral cat living in a gully in the back of the property not long after moving in. They left food out but never saw anyone. Meanwhile, their dog appeared to be doing some outreach as well.

“Bailey was checking in on them in the backyard,” Arthur told The Dodo.

It wasn’t clear what Bailey was up to. But then her family noticed something through the window one day:


Bailey was there, nestled on the porch.

She wasn’t alone, though.


The feral kitten was snuggled up to Bailey’s warm body, safe in the company of her unlikely new buddy.

“Bailey had never before befriended a feral animal,” Arthur explained. “It just shows how caring she is.” She’s always been extremely sweet.”


Bailey’s family decided to follow her lead after seeing how their dog had earned the trust of the frightened cat. They, too, accepted the small cat into their lives.

Kitten-Kitten was the moniker given to her by her relatives.


“Kitten-Kitten now lives inside with everyone,” Arthur explained. “Almost like a puppy, she follows Bailey everywhere.” It’s safe to say she’s now a member of the family!”

For the first time in her life, Bailey was able to not just be a mother, but to remain a mother for good.


“Kitten-Kitten is having a great time inside and connecting with everyone, especially Bailey,” Arthur stated.

When she was 17 years old, Bailey was finally able to fulfill her calling as a mother. And, in the end, her affection for the stray cat proved to be a savior.

With colder weather on the way, Kitten-adoptive Kitten’s family feels she might have struggled to survive much longer if Bailey had not intervened to save her. But, thanks to that act of charity, they both got a second opportunity.

And their hearts were both healed.

“They couldn’t be happier,” Arthur remarked.

h/t: The DoDo


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