Family Finds Abandoned Kitten Who Looks Just Like A Little Alien

Jinx was only three weeks old when her family discovered her abandoned in the middle of the night in a field. It was chilly and rainy, and she was in severe need of assistance, and as soon as they brought her inside, they knew she was destined to be their cat.

Jinx’s family member, Mia Ibanez, tells The Dodo that she had just returned from a football game at a friend’s high school when she heard meowing. Our house was located in a large field, so my mother and I stepped outside to shine a flashlight. Because all we could see in the field was a tiny black creature, so we climbed the fence and discovered Jinx.

After giving her some formula and a warm blanket, her relatives promised to take care of her till she recovered. Ibanez noted that Jinx’s eyes were a little wider than they should be on the second day in her new home, and then noticed a few other oddities as well.

“I wasn’t sure if it was just because she was a kitten (I hadn’t had a kitten in years), but at first I thought her eyes were abnormally large, but over time I noticed her feet were also abnormally large, as did her nose and mouth,” Ibanez explained. “I expected her to mature into them, but it never occurred!”

A trip to the veterinarian by Jinx’s family revealed that she was in wonderful health. She has no underlying medical issues. Having been abandoned as a kitten, she may have been born with a birth defect or have suffered from other side effects. They have no effect on her whatsoever—they just make her seem insanely gorgeous.

Jinx’s eyes are still enormous today. Aside from her unusually long legs and a different-looking face, she also has a different-looking nose and mouth. She has an unusual appearance, resembling a small alien more than a cat. She is adored by all of her family members, and they would not have her any other way.

The fact that she never [grew into them] made me very happy since I adore animals with their own unique characteristics. “I think they enhance her beauty,” Ibanez remarked. When I show her to people, they’re usually taken aback.” Generally speaking, people laugh a lot.

The delight that Jinx brings to those she meets is one of the many reasons Ibanez enjoys presenting her to others. Jinx’s family is overjoyed that the world has finally come to accept her for who she is.

Jinx is much like any other cat, except for her alien traits. When she’s not chasing her family around, she enjoys playing, but she also needs a little time to herself. The fact that she is unaware of her uniqueness is immaterial. It doesn’t matter what happens; Jinx will never let you down.


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