Faithful Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave Human Mom’s Side After She Passes Out

This is the heartwarming moment when a golden retriever doesn’t leave her human mother when she falls down in the street.

The woman fainted while out walking her dog, so emergency services were called.

Because the paramedics were moved by the puppy’s loyalty and resistance, they made an exception and permitted the golden retriever to go in the ambulance with its mother.

It was clear that the dog was worried that its owner wasn’t moving when the woman fell down. It ran around in circles, waiting for help.

The footage shows the woman lying motionless on the floor, with her loving pooch by her side throughout the tragedy.

The dog was also spotted helplessly clutching the stretcher that was transporting its human mother to the ambulance.

The duo were both taken to a nearby hospital, where the dog acted as a guardian angel, spending every second looking over its human.

Here is the complete footage of the incident:

When the two arrived at the hospital, the physicians even permitted the devoted dog to sit and wait outside the treatment room.

The first thing the woman stated after regaining consciousness was the name of her pet puppy.

When they allowed the golden to see its human again, you could see how happy they were that the lady had recovered.

“When we saw the patient holding her dog, we knew we did the right thing by allowing it to tag along,” said Zhang Jihong, the hospital’s head nurse.

The woman was fine, and the fainting was caused by her drinking too much the night before.

“At first, we were reluctant to approach the woman directly since the dog was quite enormous,” Yu Jingjing, another hospital nurse, stated.

“However, while the dog was fiercely protective of its owner, it showed no signs of violence toward us.”

“As we approached the woman lying on the ground, the dog seemed relieved that we were there to assist its owner.”

It usually isn’t allowed for pets to go into the back of ambulances. This time they made an exception because of the dog’s great loyalty.


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