Exhausted German Shepherd has no strength to move on: park ranger carries him

This summer was extremely warm. Whether they were human or animal, all living things felt the uncomfortable heat.

While humans can use air conditioning or other cooling methods, animals may suffer from the heat.

In late June, Lexi Daniel was hiking with her German Shepherd in a New Jersey mountain. Due to the heat, they paused in the middle of their hike.

The dog was exhausted by the heat and was lying on the ground. In addition to being exhausted, the poor animal required assistance.

A park ranger who was also present at the time carried the weakened German Shepherd down the mountain on his back.

The owner was unable to carry the large dog through several miles of rocky terrain on his shoulders.

The park ranger positioned the animal beside a creek to cool it off. Then he continued to subdue the dog.

We are really grateful to the park employee who saved the life of the ailing German Shepherd.

There are kind individuals everywhere; we just need to hear more uplifting stories including their participation.


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