Enormous Beagle Undergoes Weight-Loss Program and Regains His Shape

Wolfgang was enormous when he was rescued, weighing an incredible 90 pounds. He was picked up during the summer in Phoenix as a stray, but his rescuer thinks that he was probably abandoned by his previous owner.

Despite only being able to walk a couple of feet, Wolfgang was an extremely happy and loving beagle, he just needed some help to lose weight.

Erin and Chad via The Dodo

Wolfgang was around three times heavier than the average beagle, but he showed no signs of letting his weight issues get him down. He was thrilled to be around humans and other dogs and tried not to let his size depress him.

Erin, his rescuer, knew that she had to develop a strict schedule to get Wolfgang’s weight under control, and she was more committed than ever to nurse the big beagle back to health.

Erin and Chad via The Dodo

She changed the beagle’s diet and got him eating healthy food right away. She also took him on short walks and encouraged him to exercise in the garden, but he would expend all of his energy in one go and need to stop to rest. That being said, Wolfgang was extremely committed and began losing weight in no time.

Erin and Chad via The Dodo

After six months in Erin’s care, he was able to pass in and out of the doggy door and could even walk up to a mile. He was undeniably proud of his remarkable achievements, as was Erin.

Wolfgang loves walking around with a toy in his mouth, and takes one along with him to his water treadmill appointments, where Erin has arranged for him to go to lose weight with the help of a specialist.

Erin and Chad via The Dodo

Incredibly, Wolfgang is now down to 32 pounds, which makes him only slightly heavier than the typical beagle. Thanks to Erin’s love and support, he’s now able to live a carefree and happy life alongside his canine siblings.

Morbid obesity is a serious problem for dogs, so it’s wonderful to see Wolfgang’s transformation. To keep up to date with Wolfgang’s weight loss journey, you can follow him on Instagram.

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