Duckling Grows Up To Love His Human Mum

When Danielle visited a farm sanctuary near her home in Israel, she wasn’t totally sure what to expect. As she was moving around the shelter, she came across a tiny duckling, who was very weak and in need of some love and attention.

Danielle via The Dodo

Danielle fell in love with the duckling and decided that she was the perfect person to take him home and give him all the love that he needed to grow and thrive.

Although things were slow in the early days, Danielle noticed that the duckling was beginning to come out of his shell. He also grew a lot stronger, and even enjoyed his first dip in water, as he is human brought him a shallow bowl in which he was able to flap around.

Danielle via The Dodo

After getting used to the water, Danielle decided to crank things up a notch, and took the duckling to her Mum and Dad’s house, as they have a large outdoor pool that Danielle thought would be perfect for the duckling to learn to swim.

And even though the duck was scared of the huge pool at first, it wasn’t long before he started jumping in after Danielle and she made herself very much at home!

Danielle via The Dodo

But it was always Danielle’s intention to take the duckling back to the farm sanctuary, so he could return to his family. And in spite of trying on several occasions, the duckling didn’t recognize his mum or siblings, and just wanted to be around Danielle.

And that’s when Danielle realized that her little duckling saw her as his mum, and she was delighted to step into the role.

Danielle via The Dodo

Now, the pair are inseparable, and Danielle loves nothing more than swimming with her buddy, who dives into the pool right after her every time.

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