Donkey can’t stop smiling after being rescued from flood

Because they can’t speak like we can, animals are able to express their emotions in other ways. What if I’m wrong? Just one look at the lovely donkey in the video below should be enough to convince you otherwise.

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The forlorn animal was battling for its life after being swept away by flash floodwaters. Animals, not just their owners, are harmed by floods, as many people don’t realize. This puts the animals in risk because rescuers tend to focus on preserving human lives first.

Animal Haven Ireland

Every second is crucial in the midst of the pandemonium. In some circumstances, rescuers are able to save both the people and the animals they were forced to leave behind, which is fortunate. Rescued animals like the donkey in this video are known as “fortunate” animals. His owner and the rescue organization are to be commended for saving his life.

Animal Haven Ireland

Because he was helpless in the face of nature’s fury, the animal’s owner phoned for assistance. The donkey was straining to get to dry land, and he was watching. ‘Picture this’ was the Facebook post from the rescue group. The phone call I made to him was my final opportunity to plead for help,” he says. He paid attention and drove down to meet me. His courage shone through immediately. Do not be negative; just go ahead and give it a try, lady. He put himself in harm’s way to assist us in saving him.”

Because of an extremely risky rescue effort, the donkey is now alive. However, seeing the donkey’s grateful reaction was the reward for all the rescuers’ hard work. It doesn’t take much to see how delighted this guy is now that he’s been saved!

Animal Haven Ireland

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