Dog Sneaks Into The House Next Door To Join Kids’ Bath Every Night

Aeida and Cashew, the dog next door, have been closest friends since the day she arrived in Australia with her family. They play together every day and are so enamored with each other that their families had to devise a way to allow them to see each other.


The families decided to create a doggy door between their two residences so that Aeida and Cashew could spend time together anytime they wanted. The couple spend a lot of time driving back and forth between their homes, and Aeida enjoys spending time with the neighbors’ small children.

“Aeida is a warm and compassionate person.” Aeida’s mother, Nicole Ackehurst, told The Dodo, “She truly simply loves everyone and everything — especially our neighbors’ children.”


Aeida’s parents found out that she was gone later in the evening and thought she was playing with Cashew. Their neighbors told them that, in fact, Aeida had chosen to join in on their kids’ bath time.

“Our neighbors messaged us on Facebook with Aeida sitting in their bathtub,” Ackehurst explained. “We think it was the first time she did it.”


Aeida’s parents thought this was hilarious because the headstrong dog typically dislikes baths, but for some reason, she was completely happy to do it as long as her beloved kids were around.


Aeida now goes next door to partake in bath time most nights before the kids go to bed. It’s become her new favorite activity, and the neighbors, of course, enjoy having her around.

“She will join them in the bath whenever she has the chance,” Ackehurst added.


At this point, Aeida and Cashew are practically equal members of both households, so it stands to reason that Aeida should be able to partake in all of her neighbors’ pleasant family activities, including bath time.

“I’m sure our neighbors like having her around, just as we enjoy having Cashew over,” Ackehurst added. “Aeida and Cashew are wonderful buddies with a solid bond.” They’re both valued members of our families.”

Aeida’s exploits can be followed on her Instagram feed.


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