Dog Sneaked Out of His Kennel to Comfort Two Crying Puppies

Maggie, an Australian Shepherd, is staying at the Barker’s Pet Motel in Alberta, Canada while her fur owners are away. She was captured on camera stepping out of her kennel and soothing two weeping puppies.

Sandra, the motel’s owner, discovered the CCTV tape in 2016 and uploaded it online.

Everyone loves cute dog stories, and even ABC News reported on this. Maggie’s fur parents meant to keep her safe while they are away, but Maggie had other plans.

Maggie, of course, does not want to be famous, but she opted to leave his kennel with good intentions. The two puppies she was staying with in a motel were terrified and in need of comfort. Maggie, who was also a mother, provided maternal care to the weeping puppies.

Sandra was concerned when she checked the building security cameras and saw Maggie was not present. When she observed Maggie comforting the two babies, she felt relieved. Maggie also stunned the workers at the motel, who watched the most amazing sight they had ever seen while on duty.

Maggie clearly had a good time in the motel and was polite to others. This story makes us feel good and makes us believe that generosity exists everywhere. Watch the video of the camera footage below.


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