Dog Shares The Sweetest Routine With Homeless Man Who Visits Her Each Day

A person does not need to be wealthy to give the best gift of all – a warm and loving heart.

Simply inquire of this dog named Mimi.

Edna Kobori, Mimi’s owner, lives in Brazil. There, the sweet dog has developed an endearing routine with a man who, in some people’s opinion, has very little to offer. Mimi recognizes that they are incorrect.

Sebastio is his name. Every day, he comes to a halt to bring Mimi delight.

“Mr. Sebastio, a homeless man, can’t walk through my neighborhood without stopping to talk to Mimi,” Kobori explained. “She knows who loves animals.”

Here’s a video of one of these visits:

It’s unclear when Mimi and Sebastio’s sweet ritual began, but it’s apparent that these kind small visits are something both of them look forward to — gifts that cost nothing more than a good gesture.

And if wealth is measured in pets and wagging tails, these two pals may be the wealthiest pair of all.


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