Dog Pretends To Be Someone Else’s Pet Whenever His Mom Tries To Leave The Park

When it’s time to leave the park, some dogs will act dead to oppose their owners’ plans. Oso, on the other hand, takes a slightly different strategy.

He plays “you’re dead to me.”


Oso enjoys nothing more than a day of playtime at the local park with his owner, Carolina Paludi. So much so that when it’s finally time to go home, Oso usually complains. But he does it in a more nuanced way than others.

When Paludi informs him it’s time to leave, Oso wanders off and joins other park-goers, peeking back as if to show his mother how easily he can find a new family if he doesn’t get his way.

Here’s a video showing Oso in action, along with some random folks he’s chosen as potential “replacement” people:

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“Every time it’s time to leave the park, Oso does this,” Paludi told The Dodo. “He becomes close to another family and ignores me.”

Oso may occasionally go on to demonstrate how well he fits in with his “new” family at the park—and how easily Paludi can be forgotten.

He’s doing yoga with folks he’s never met before:

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Oso does this all the time, but it never works.

Paludi realizes he’s bluffing.


People whom Oso pretends to adopt, ostensibly to punish his mother, don’t seem to mind that the dog has roped them into being a part of his ruse.


Deep down, Oso understands that his mother loves him the most — and that she is simply irreplaceable.

h/t: The DoDo


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