Dog Left For Dead in the Woods Undergoes a Remarkable Transformation

In Houston, Texas, a family was walking through the woods when they found a beautiful little dog, curled up on a blanket.

The dog was shaking and understandably terrified, and the people who found her knew they needed to do something about it. That’s when Samantha got a text from her friend, and she immediately said that she would take the dog in.

The first thing Sam did was to bathe the little pup, before providing her with her own space and allowing her to decompress. This is important for a rescue dog, so they’re not over stimulated and can settle into their new surroundings.

Diana & Sam via The Dodo

However, it wasn’t long before this gorgeous dog started to come out of her shell. Surrounded by loving humans and other rescue dogs, she realized that she was safe and in the company of people that truly cared for her.

Instead of barking to let her humans know that she was excited, she performed this incredibly cute dance in front of them, where her whole body wiggled! As you can see from the video, she really is the cutest little thing.

Diana & Sam via The Dodo

When you see her, full of life and love, it really leads you to question why on earth her previous owners decided to abandon her and leave her for dead in the woods.

It’s just the most callous, unnecessary action, and if it wasn’t for the good nature and affection of the people that found her, this beautiful dog probably wouldn’t be alive today.

Diana & Sam via The Dodo

After finding love in her temporary home, her personality started to shine through, and she got up to a whole host of mischief. She would steal shoes, play with the other dogs, and enjoy devouring her treats.

Samantha was thrilled that the dog was able to find a loving forever home in Minnesota. Now called Ewa, she adores her new family, and is treated with the love and care that every animal deserves.

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