Dog gets truly emotional as she is reunited with her owner after being lost in Ukraine war

During the Russian invasion of Bucha, Nessy was separated from her family. Nessy was found by Belarusian soldiers from the Kastus Kalilnouskiv Battalion while they were rescuing Kastus from the Russians.

According to the Kastus Kalinouskiv Battalion’s Facebook page, the soldiers assisted in locating Nessy’s owner and arranging the touching reunion. Nessy’s emotional reaction to seeing her human, as well as the footage of the two reunited, caused a lot of people to show their love on social media.

In these trying times, it’s nice to see something uplifting. We discovered Nessy, the dog, alone during Bucha’s release. But, thanks to our pals, we were able to find her hosts, and she is now back with them. Consider this emotionally charged moment.

As long as some individuals treat people like animals, we will be fighting for the lives of all creatures, not just humans.

Watch this video:

Many pet owners continue to refuse to leave their pets behind if they are not authorized to take them to shelters. People from UAnimals and the Gostomel Animal Shelter have saved hundreds of pets so far, and they’re still going!

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(Image courtesy of the Belwarriors’ Facebook page)

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