Dog Always Befriends Fluffiest Dogs At Day Care So She Can Nap On Them

Edna has been attending doggy day care since she was a puppy, and her pattern has always been the same: she plays hard for the first three or four hours, then needs to sleep for the remainder of the day. With so many dogs around, it might be hard to claim the most comfortable place to rest. Edna came up with the perfect solution right away.

Edna chooses the fluffiest puppy at day care that day as soon as she determines it’s naptime…


… and uses them as a place to nap.


Whether the dog is large or small…


… or not so huge, Edna still naps on them, and the majority of them don’t seem to mind.


One of Edna’s family members, Brianna Gottfried, told The Dodo. “All the dogs seem to appreciate the snuggling companionship.” “Even the tiniest of wiener dogs.”

It was definitely easier to employ other dogs to take naps when she was a puppy…


… yet Edna refuses to quit, even now that she’s bigger. She simply adores snuggling and takes advantage of any opportunity to do so while at day care.


When it’s time to leave at the end of the day, Edna is generally fast asleep with one of her buddies, and it takes some work to rouse her up and get her back home.

“Every time it’s time to go home, I have to pry her off of another dog,” Gottfried explained.


Edna likes to play, and when she is unable to do so, she enjoys napping – and all of her day care buddies are more than happy to assist her in this endeavor.

On her Instagram account, you can follow Edna and all of her activities.

h/t: The DoDo


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