Diner Spots A Guy Out On The Sweetest Date With His Dog

Gemma Colón popped into a New York City eatery for a bite to eat the other day. However, the visit ended up fulfilling more than just her hunger.

The Dodo quotes Colón as saying, “I was faced with one of the most surprisingly heartwarming views.” If you ask me, the dog across the table from his owner was behaving like an outstanding gentleman.

Dog and owner appeared to be having a romantic relationship at the time.


As luck would have it, Colón was able to sit right next to the charming couple and enjoy their good fortune.

“Crossword puzzles and red wine accompanied [the man’s] supper. The gently slurping dog (his date) was happily savoring his own cup of water “Colón made the comment. “The dog’s demeanor was quite impressive. This dog had better table manners than some humans, in my opinion.”

Here’s a look at the couple having a good time on their night out:

@gemmsauce the purest friendship i ever witnessed 🥺 #nyc #dog #bestfriend #SyncYourMiO ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som

While the guy and his dog dined, Colón noticed that other guests were also smiling at the endearing scene. No one had the courage to stop their dinner to compliment them on their cuteness, but Colón overheard an interaction between them and their server, indicating that this was not a one-off appearance.

It was mentioned to me by a waiter at one time that the dog was particularly wonderful, to which the man answered by saying he takes the dog everywhere he goes. As far as I could tell, it appeared to be a very enjoyable date with gorgeous companions.

h/t: The DoDo


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