Deserted Pit Bull Rescued From Parking Lot becomes Proud Officer K9

A lot has been written and said about pit bulls, and it appears that more and more people realize that canine behavior has less to do with heredity and more to do with the way the owner raised him.

There is still a long way to go before we can change the perception of Pit Bulls by the majority of people. Many people still believe that these dogs are aggressive by nature. That’s why they’re wary of getting too near to anyone, especially children. Because of this, many people cross the street when they see a Pit Bull approaching.

As a result, stories like this one are vitally important. As the story shows, it is never appropriate to judge a book by its cover or assume that something is genuine merely because it has been mentioned numerous times. The narrative can question prejudices.

It’s the story of Kiah, the first pit bull police officer in New York State. His previous owner dumped him in a grocery store parking lot, where he joined a slew of other stray dogs. The owner simply threw him aside, as if he were a non-perishable object.

For the better, Kiah was able to transform his life and train a Pit Bull who had been saved to be a police K9. For a variety of reasons, these workouts are excellent.

They are particularly effective in removing more dogs off the streets and allowing them to enjoy a happy life. Second, they help to make the streets a little safer by increasing the number of eyes and feet patrolling the area. Pit bulls, like Leonard, the first pit bull police officer in Ohio, have become rather common at the K9.


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