Depressed and Abandoned Cat Encouraged to Play with Adorable Kitten

Depressed and A.ban.doned Cat Encouraged to Play with Adorable Kitten

Phoenix was a.ban.doned by his owners in an apartment complex. It seems that his family moved out of their home and left him behind in the gated community. He was wandering around the complex for around one year, seemingly hoping that his owners would return for him.

But they never did.

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One day, a resident noticed that Phoenix was lo.sing his hair, and was generally just in a ter.ri.ble con.di.tion. So they called in animal rescue who took him to a local foster family.

After washing and feeding him, it was clear that Phoenix was de.pressed and lonely. He was heart.broken that his owners had a.ban.doned him, and he was clearly ready to up on life.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

While he would let his foster mums stroke him, he always looked unhappy, and just wanted to be by himself. But his world was about to change when his foster family took in some kittens that had been born in a nearby yard.

One of them, Ruby, was particularly and un.healthy. She was under.weight and wouldn’t eat or drink. It was touch and go whether or not she would even make it.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

But as she slowly got her strength, Ruby started to play with anyone and everyone. But she took a particular shining to Phoenix. Although he had never shown any interest in playing with the other cats, Phoenix let Ruby play with him. And all of a sudden, he began bathing her!

Phoenix fell in love with Ruby and began following her around everywhere. But the beautiful little kitten also brought out a new side to Phoenix that his mums had never seen before. He even began playing on his own and would bound around the house in excitement.

Cats Of San Bernardino via The Dodo

The great news is that his foster mums have decided to only adopt Ruby and Phoenix together, as they can’t imagine what he would be like without his adorable little friend.

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