Cyclists Sacrifice Their Adventure to Save Two Tiny Puppies

Belen and Tristan have been cycling around the world in recent years, enjoying the undisputed beauty of nature in some of the world’s most unusual places.

On a trip to Tajikistan, the couple were particularly excited to cycle the Pamir highway, a beautiful stretch of road that weaves its way through the Central Asian highlands.

Belen and Tristan via The Dodo

As they descended from the mountain plateau and when they were only a couple of days from the city of Dushanbe, Tristan noticed two tiny puppies curled up at the side of the road, which prompted a spontaneous rescue operation for the couple.

Instead of continuing on their ride, the couple managed to flag down a truck and hitched a ride to the city. It was a long and tiring journey, as the roads were extremely bumpy and it was super hot inside the cabin.

Belen and Tristan via The Dodo

But they were relieved as they rolled into Dushanbe, as they knew that they could get the puppies the care and attention that they needed in the city.

The best option for the couple was to find a way of returning to their native Netherlands as quickly as possible, where they would be sure the dogs would have a good chance of surviving. But because they were short on funds, Tristan had the idea to start a fundraiser on Instagram to see if anyone could help them with the cost of their flights.

Belen and Tristan via The Dodo

Almost right away, one of his followers contributed 1000 Euros to help them pay for their flights, and the couple started preparing the puppies for their journey to Europe.

Because of their tiny size, it was possible for the couple to take the dogs on the flight as cabin baggage, and they were able to return to the Netherlands in a matter of days. They called the pups Moka and Latte, and started to see their unique personalities shine through.

Belen and Tristan via The Dodo

And it wasn’t long until Moka and Latte found their forever homes, one with Tristan’s mum and the other with a loving family in the Hague.

This story just goes to show that no matter where you are and what you’re doing, it’s always possible to save an animal.

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