Cow Rescued From Animal Auction Loves Playing with Family Dog

For the team at Little Bucket’s Farm Sanctuary, every animal’s life is precious. When Susan went to a local cattle auction, she was committed to rescuing at least one animal.

As the auction drew to a close, she noticed a tiny calf that had been taken from his mother. Due to the way he looked and his body weight, nobody wanted to bid for him.

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary via The Dodo

So, Susan paid $10 and literally carried the poor, helpless calf from the auction in her arms.

When they got home, it was a super cold night, so Susan decided to let the calf sleep in the kitchen. He curled up on the dog’s bed on the floor and slept through the whole night. Maybe it was the first peaceful night’s sleep he’d ever had.

They decided to call the calf ‘bucket.’ After a few days, he gained his strength back and galloped happily around the yard. He was given a jacket and he made a new friend very quickly: the family dog, Colton.

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary via The Dodo

When Bucket arrived at the sanctuary, he and Colton were exactly the same size. They began following each other around and playing gleefully in the wide open spaces.

As Bucket grew, the family were a little worried about how his relationship with Colton would develop. After all, he matured into a 1,000 pound steer, and Colton, of course, remained the same size he always was!

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary via The Dodo

But much to their delight, Bucket seemed to understand the need of compensating for the difference in size between the two animals. He began kneeling down when he was around Colton, ensuring that he wouldn’t harm his canine companion when they were playing together.

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary via The Dodo

Incredibly, their relationship has continued to blossom and they remain the best of friends, in spite of their size difference.

The team at Little Bucket’s Sanctuary work so hard to give animals the life that they truly deserve, and Bucket now lives a free and enjoyable existence alongside his buddy Colton.

Keep up the great work guys!

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