Couple Save All of the Senior Dogs from Shelters That Nobody Else Wants

When Chris and Mariesa set up Mr. Mo Project, they had no idea that things would take off quite like they did. Their initial motivation was to provide elderly dogs in their local shelter with care packages, but it grew to the point where they actually started taking dogs from shelters themselves.

Chris and Mariesa via The Dodo

Their rescue network runs from California across to New York and even up into Canada. Their mission is a simple one but it’s by no means easy, as they want to ensure that no dog on their journey is left behind.

After six years of their innovative project, the couple have saved more than 500 dogs, a remarkable achievement when you consider the fact that many of these dogs would have otherwise been euthanized if it wasn’t for their efforts.

Chris and Mariesa via The Dodo

The project was started in memory of Moses, a beautiful dog who had kind of outstayed his welcome at a local animal shelter. After spending only four weeks with Moses before he passed away, the couple started to think about the lives of other elderly dogs, who undoubtedly when through similar hardship to Moses.

The Mr Mo project has developed a motto, whereby they seek to give senior dogs “the best for the rest,” which essentially means they give dogs the best time that they have for their rest of the time they have on earth. It’s a beautiful mission.

Chris and Mariesa via The Dodo

While the couple often raise money from well-wishers for expensive surgeries, sometimes they don’t meet their targets and have to pay for the treatment themselves. They joke that if something isn’t nailed down in their house it might be sold!

But this just gives you an insight into the characters of these two wonderful people, who do everything they can to give senior dogs the best chance to live a peaceful and pain-free remainder of their lives.

Chris and Mariesa via The Dodo

I’ll leave you with Mariesa’s words, who sums up their mission beautifully:

“I think we’re very lucky, like it’s our passion, but it’s also such a pleasant thing to be doing. We’re just really blessed to be able to do this.”

To find out more about the Mr Mo Project or to contribute what you can, check them out on Instagram.

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